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Tulip Lab is one of the most reputed Pharmaceutical Manufacturers in Mumbai, India. We provide allopathic & nutraceutical products as well as herbal & food supplements across the globe for more than a decade.
Tulip Lab has a state-of-the-art facility with world class certifications which include WHO GMP, DSIR Recognized, PIC/S, ISO 22000:2005, HACCP, Ukraine GMP, Philippines GMP, Kazakhstan GMP and Ayurvedic GMP.
Tulip Lab Private Limited provides assistance at all stages of drug product development from identification and choice of various formulations by ensuring the existence of cost-effective commercialization strategies. We have helped some of the largest drug makers to launch their new products successfully.
Tulip Lab Pvt Ltd is a premier supplement manufacturer with over a decade of combined experience within the pharmaceutical industry. We offer you a vast range of private labeling/ white labeling products and bring them to production with high quality.
Clinical study is an important part of the drug development process. Tulip Lab provides high quality clinical trial services to all the pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies. Our services go beyond services and include elaborate insights in the process of drug development.

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